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libyan cities. throughout monday and tuesday, president obama was silent on the libyan crisis, late on wednesday mr. obama broke his silence with carefully chosen words. >> first, we are doing everything we can to protect american citizens. and it's my highest priority. in a volatile situation like this one, it's imperative the nations and people of the world speak with one voice, and that that has been our focus. the entire world is watching. >> question, what is the reason why president obama has been hesitant to speak out against gaddafi and. >> it was very weak statement, john. but the reason he's been hesitant to speak is there's 6,000 americans, something like that, as of friday still in that country in various places. gov a maniac responsible for the lockerbie massacre. he could attempt reprisals against americans, shooting of americans, and hostage taking and all the rest. but this crisis, john, gaddafi is approaching his end right now, and in my view lot of people are pushing for american intervention. if anybody's going to go into stop a massacre going on or start using po
but will president obama have him arrested as a terrorist? we'll debate that. >> and a corrupt judge accused by a mother of murder. wait until you hear this. megyn kelly with the story. >> bill: caution, you are to end the no-spin zone from l.a. the factor begins right now. >>> hi, i'm bill o'reilly reporting from southern california. president obama taking a big hit in the leadership department. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the new poll shows that president obama's leadership status is the lowest level since he took office. national survey says 37% of likely voters now say mr. obama is doing a good or excellent job as a leader. 40% rate his performance as poor in the leadership department. that is down 7 points in just one month. now, there are two things in play. the union in wisconsin and turbulence in the arab world. as far as wisconsin is concerned they are taking a big hit because it remains chaotic and democrats have fled the state so there continue be a vote. that does not reflect well on the democratic party. what if it occurred in every state, nothing
presidente "barack obama" el llamado del pueblo de libia ha sido muy claro al exigir que "moamar gadafi" debe irse ya.--durante una conversacion telefonica con la canciller alemana "angela merkel", obama dijo que cuando un Íder solo puede conservar el poder a traves de la violencia contra su pueblo, ese Íder ha perdido la legitimidad para gobernar.--se trata de la primera vez que obama insta a "gadafi" a renunciar.--mientra tanto, el hijo mayor del Íder libio, "saif al islam", se reunio hoy con tribus del este de libia para llegar a un acuerdo que evite mas enfrentamientos entre los opositores al regimen y quienes estan a favor. --por su parte, el consejo de seguridad de la onu aprobo este dia por unanimidad una resolucÓn que contempla fuertes sanciones contra el regimen de moamar gadafi y su familia.--los 15 miembros coincidieron en que los responsables de la represÓn contra la poblacion civil en libia deben responder por sus actos, ademas de exigir un alto inmediato a la violencia en ese pais. y a miles de kilometros de y a miles de kilometros de miles de kilómetros de distana en el
president obama calls for longtime leader small marta step down. >> doing what just recently was considered unfathomable this amateur video shows protesters marching with the old libyan flag, the one used before the gadhafi regime decades ago. as more and more territory falls into the hands of protesters gaddafi's horses have made a stand with reports of united nations headquarters the security council was called to discuss sanctions against the regime. >> the deeply disturbing situation in libya... the fires must stop. so brutally shedding the blood must be punished. >> president barack obama has ordered a freeze at it's important that any penalties don't heard the libyan people. >> not as many layoffs this year but to counter workers will still feel the budget package. the number of days it will have to take off without pay. >> are member of my rahm emmanuel's transition scheme had to step aside when he was asked questions about ethics violations. >> we will end the weekend with some rain and maybe some more snow but tonight's problem is the ice. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need
funding for to the contrary provided by... >> this week on to the contrary, the obama administration comes out for gay marriage. then, are majority female unions being unfairly besieged in state and national budget battles? behind the headlines former network news anchor carole simpson on racism and sexism in the media. >> hello i'm bonnie erbe welcome to to the contrary, a discussion of news and social trends from diverse perspectives. up first, gay marriage. in a move this week with implications for the 2012 presidential race, the obama administration says it will no longer defend the defense of marriage act or doma. the act defines marriage as only available to a man and a woman. it denies marriage based federal benefits to same sex married couples. u.s. attorney general holder deems the 15-year-old federal law unconstitutional. the decision is caution quite a stir on capitol hill with some republicans calling it political. during his 2008 presidential campaign, president obama said he did not support the right of gay couples to marry. and now he reveals his positio
is going to shoot obama, well, when hearing that, without objecting to what he heard, the next word heard from the congressman were i know there's a lot of frustration with this president. only when it became a national story today did brown condemn such talk of shooting the president. one month after gabby giffords' shooting brown's initial silence is another example republicans refusing to take on their supporters no matter how violent or crazed their words. our top story tonight. plus, wisconsin. regardless of who wins the union fight out there, both parties see big advantages for their side. democrats hope it will re-energize their base. republicans are banking getting tough with the demands of public demands is a tough move. out of after cars ferry carrying more than 300 americans arrived this afternoon after being stranded in libya for two days because of high seas. once the ferry was safely way from libya the united states suspended embassy operations in tripoli and announced it would impose unilateral sanctions on libya. we will get a report from richard engel in libya. i'm here i
por el presidente barack obama para el año fiscal 2011 y 2012. cuáles son los principales recortes que se esperan para este año? que sector de la población se vera mas afectado? lo hablaremos en el estudio. además, todo lo que pasa en washington. "agenda washingtn" >> mario: saludos, el presidente barack obamafendid s presupuesto nacional. package siendo blanco de fuertes criticas y planteando importantes recortes. el presidente barack obama recientemente aprobo el presupuesto del año fiscal 2011 catalogando la decisión como una 'elección díficil' el primer mandatario contempla como principal caracteristica la congelación del gasto interno. es decir, la reducción de algunos servicios comunitarios, la congelación de salarios a empleados del gobierno, la reducción en programas de conservación, asi como una inversión millonaria para la creación de nuevos empleos para los próximos dos años. entre las mayores críticas al presupuesto fiscal se encuentra el recorte del programa de asistencia energética a hogares de bajos ingresos, la reducción en el presupuesto de algun
obama is at the white house most of this week. he is in miami on friday. in new york, the un secretary general congratulating the secretary -- security council in taking a united stand against libya. slapping sanctions on the libyaan leader, his family, and assisted. the white house is urging the leader to leave as soon as possible. in wisconsin, the budget battle continues. good morning for this sunday, february 27. if you could advise the president to sit down with one person, who would that be? 202-737-0001 our line for republicans and 202-737-0002 for democrats and if you are an independent, the number to call is 202-628-0205. a look at some of the headlines from outside washington. in madison, wisconsin, saturday's gathering the largest so far as 70,000 demonstrated against the budget cuts. the headline is -- the anatomy of a protest. meanwhile, from the pittsburgh post gazette, obama urges gadhafi to quit. many believe the changes could herald a new dawn of a new epoch after centuries of humiliation in the arab world. the "chicago tribune", rahm emanuel prepares to take over as t
. this week, president obama ordered the justice department to stop defending the federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriage across state lines. how is that going over with two of the biggest constituencies that got him elected? we will find out. also, have you heard about the muslim brotherhood being involved in the middle east uprisings? is this group also infiltrating the united states. and one is a drammy winning christian contemporary and gospel music star. the other a hard rocker. and former guitarist for the metal band korn and you couldn't think they had anything in common by looking at them. they do. michael w. smith and brian welsh. hell of a competitor are here tonight. we will have a great time. [ applause ] this week, two stories have dominated the news. one is the crisis in libya where it its maniacal leader moammar qadaffi who dresses like lady gaga and rants like charlie sheen has taken to shooting his own people. and the other is wisconsin where democratic senators had rather run than fight. they left the battlefield for the bed and breakfast. i willle r
is president obama. i'm not sure that boehner comes off that well. on this business of shutting down the government, we are talking about the political effects of it. there is a country here to run. whoever gets the blame for shutting down the government, we are a country at war. we have people at war in iraq and afghanistan, and you are going to shut down the government? the public at large is going to be very negative and it is vital which side gets the blame for shutting it down. >> you are 65, 70 or 80 years old. you go to the mail box and your check hasn't come in for social security. who do you blame? >> i think they are going to blame whoever is in office. people are set up. they are saying i cut back on my spending. my family is making sacrifices. i can no longer use my homes a ena a.t.m. machine. they say i changed this in my personal life. why can't the government do the same? chris: our regulars, including john, who is here, if there is a government-shut-down, who would win the p.r. win? >> 11 say the president wins. only one, peggy noonan says wall street wins. are you th
standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> president obama finally addressing the violence in libya on wednesday. the administration also expressed concern for americans in the region. this as the state department works to get citizens out of libya. while that's going on, more journalists have been trying to get in and that would be incredibly dangerous. let's start with judy miller, judy, you've been to the region and met and interviewed gadhafi, many times. >> is he really nuts? well, let me buput it this way. i'm lucky i'm not a blond. he reefers blond female reporters, but i managed to sneak in and interview him a lot of times. look, you can't be totally certifiable and hang on to power in a country in libya 42 years. that being said he's as close to psychotic as any leader i've ever interviewed and i think what's going on now is surely, surely crazy behavior. i had expected more of his son. i think i had worked with saif, on some nurses his father accused spreading aid in theed country and many libyans believed he would be the kinder, gentler next generation and now we
in libya. >> these actions violate every standard of common decency. this violence must stop. >> the obama administration decides not to defend it the defense of marriage act. >> the president's the position has been consistent. he has long opposed it as unnecessary and unfair. >> meet the next mayor of chicago. >> thank you, chicago, for the stumbling a victory. all i can say -- you sure know how to make a guy feel at home. captioned by the national captioning institute >> a couple of thoughts as we begin in today's discussion at. want, elections have consequences two, it is no longer your father's labor movement. republicans got majorities in statehouses across the midwest. union members are feeling the consequences of those elections. in wisconsin, gov. scott walker has come up with the plan that would strip collective bargaining rights for most public workers. here is a tea party member. >> i don't believe in unions. they will be the death of this country. i'm tired of paying their benefits. >> imagine what the country would be like without unions. corporate america
will ask our sunday group could president obama do more to topple qadaffi? and our power players of the week. taking on the leaders in iran by making fun of them. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers our first guest has become the new it boy of american politics. mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits in surpluses and adding jobs and some are saying he should be the republican nominee for president next year. governor daniels joins us now. welcome back to "fox news sunday." >> thank you, chris. >> chris: and what is going on there is you just had rotator cuff surgery and you will not be ready for spring training. >> ju are in thtrain. >> you are in the middle of a stand offy house democrats. they first said that they were fighting against the right to work law which is now dead and now they say they are fighting against 1 othe 11 other bills e agenda. are you prepared to make a deal to get the house democrats back to indiana. >> no,
and 15 other people in his inner circle to face international travel bans. president obama calling on the leader to leave saying he has lost his legitimacy. you now know the news as fox reports this saturday, february 26, 2011. glad you were along. have a great saturday night. "huckabee" is now. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >> hello, everybody. welcome. welcome to "h huckabee" from the news studios in new york city. this week, president obama ordered the justice department to stop defending the federal law that bans the recognition of same-sex marriage across state lines. how is that going over with two of the biggest constituencies that got him elected? we will find out. also, have you heard about the muslim brotherhood being involved in the middle east uprisings? is this group also infiltrating the united states. and one is a drammy winning christian contemporary and gospel music star. the other a hard rocker. and former guitarist for the metal band korn and you couldn't think they had anything in common by looking at them. they do. michael w. smith and brian
of the government shut down in their state operations. >> i have a question about president obama's budget that was released recently. a lot of republicans say this budget is overly timid and it does not lay out a long-term plan. with its continuing resolution in the house, the president is taking a standoffish approach. is it fair to say the president is refusing to lead? >> it is unfair. it is not fair to take this holier than thou that during from the republicans in congress. there were two big bush tax cuts. we have big problems. there is no argument. cutting spending needs to be a part of that. that is why the president's budget calls for cuts over a period of time. what the republicans are proposing right now is reckless. it will hurt a fragile economy and throw more people out of work. that is not just me saying that. the fiscal commission specifically warned against deep cuts in 2011. why? because it would put people out of work. goldman sachs -- you can say many things about goldman sachs but they know about money and be counted. they warned that these immediate deep cuts would ha
negotiating over and finding a solution to. >> unions spent in support of president obama and democratic candidates and to designate. -- in 2008. on the flip side of that, we have the koch brothers in wisconsin who contributed to gov. walker's campaign and our contribute into americans for prosperity, organizing demonstrations in support of the governor. >> unions do have influence. corporate america has even more and even more money, if you look at what they have spent in the st election. they will keep spending it now, will outspend unions, i don't know -- >> is this the beginning of the end for unions? >> here's the rub. yes, this is ground zero for unions. the median hourly wage for the american male fell by 2%. all the concentration was at the top 1%, 56% of all the economic growth in the top 1%. the bottom 90% got 16%. that is why the tension exists right now. people in wisconsin have had their own lives decimated and threaten and have bought into the specious argument that the enemy isis not the economic sysm rigged against them. >> here is what the democrats have to do. they have
against libya. this, while president obama for the first time called for moammar gadhafi to step down. here in the bay area demonstrators gathered at the u.n. plaza in san francisco. we'll have the latest. >>> the close call a pilot had today after his plane crashed just after taking off from the palo alto airport. the news at 5:00 starts right now. >>> good evening. i'm diane dwyer. snow fell in parts of the bay area today, but nothing like the forecast called for. well, now the temperatures are headed down again. we have team coverage on this cold snap. kimberly terry tells us house nurseries are preparing for all this. but we check in first with rob mayeda. >> record-breaking temperatures early this morning. 20s out in san rafael, 28 degrees, napa 27, 34 in oakland and 35 at sfo airport. it was around twin peaks in san francisco we had the dusting of snow overnight. even around san jose, early in the morning, but mainly just some rain. but notice what happened during the day today. we had pretty intense showers rolling through. morgan hill and san martin. brent canon reporting show
wants to impose, even though president obama has been saying, look, by wisconsin your he' attacking the rights of unions and he's not willing to give the rights to federal workers. >> how do you think that the president was able to impose the famous wage freeze. >> that was not through collective bargaining. >> any governor who has collective bargaining could not do what the president did. >> paul: what do you think is winning the fight for public fn. unions are basically saying, we're here and making this a raucous fight and drawing attention to it. are they winning the battle for public opinion? >> i think they've been losing the battle for a long time and the issue of the benefits, people are very much aware of the size of their benefits and so forth. i think there's a new battle going on now that walker has basically upped the ante saying that let's go after collective bargaining. that's a more sophisticated argument for americans, what the unions are trying to do, this is attack on unionization in general and attack on the constitution. there's a difference between the private
to clinton to george w. bush to barack obama, americans have been told they were at war because al qaeda and its allies are motivated by hatred for liberty, way of life and space institutions. this is a palpable and lethal why. we are being attacked because of the half century relentless innovation and the muslim world. it is in the can of the defense pact 50 years of intervention that we find the main motivation of america's islamist enemies as well as the principal organizational glue that provides the modicum of unity to the movements always fragile cohesion. the islamist motivation is to be found in the perception of u.s. foreign policy as an attack on the islamic religion and its followers. this is a view that is held not only by those carrying the ak-47s, but its extensive polling by reliable western pollsters as reliable by nearly 80% of all muslims worldwide, young and old, moderate and militant, men and women. nell minnow american must accept the islamist indictment of the entire muslim intent of the foreign policy. but to defeat the economic ruin and the widespread domestic vio
clientes y empleados ni la conductora resultaron heridos. el presidente obama afirmÓ que la recuperaciÓn económica sufrir un estancamiento si el congreso no se ponen de acuerdo en la reducciÓn de gastos. podrÍa suceder en menos de una semana. nos explica cuÁles podrÍan ser las principales consecuencias para millones de estadounidenses. >> un posible paro del gobierno federal tocarÍa muy de cerca a estos retirados y su pensiÓn del seguro social a llegar a tiempoafirma la administraciÓn. >> me voy a quedar en la calleporque dependo de esas, comprar la comida, medicinas, seguro de salud. >> imaginaciÓn establecida del cheque que vamos a hacer nosotros. somos retirados y hay gente que no tiene dinero para nada. >> - museos y parques nacionales afectando al turismo. hasta cafeterÍas o personas la mayorÍa de los clientes son el ministerio de trabajo y justicia. la causa de la amenaza, el presupuesto, contienen $ 61 millones de recorte. que aprobaron pero que no avanzarÁ en el senado demÓcrata. ha habido mÁs que una docena en el pasado. 800.000 empleados federales no trabajaron du
teachers. it's ruining our education system. >> schieffer: what do you think of president obama's plans to reform education? at the federal level? his let's reward good teachers, his, you know, the things that secretary duncan has outlined. are you generally think he's on the right track? >> i do. i've said that publicly. i think the president has shown real courage especially for a democrat who has been dependent upon the teachers union nationally. for political support to come out for merit pay and race to the top and some of the things he's done to push reform. i think the president has been on the right track. i'm concerned about comments i heard yesterday from secretary duncan that seemed to be blowing the horn of retreat on that a little bit. i hope that's not an election year ploy to cozy back up to the unions as the president prepares for re-election. in general i think the president has been very strong on this. that's why you see republicans agreeing with him on it. >> schieffer: you have a reputation as a straight talker i think. do you believe that the budgetary problems acr
, could the president obama do more to topple muammar qaddafi? and our power players of the week. taking on the leaders in iran, by taking fun of them, all, right now, on fox news. and hello, again from fox news in washington. as states struggle with huge budget gaps and take on public workers, our first guest has become the new "it" boy of american politics, republican governor mitch daniels of indiana is being celebrated for turning deficits in surpluses and adding jobs and some say he should be the republican nominee for president, next year. welcome back to fox news sunday. >> thank you. >> chris: we need to say what is going on, you had rotator cuff surgery and will not be ready tor spring training. >> all the right wing jokes have been made, so... >> chris: all right, you are -- skutz me, in the middle of a stand off now with house democrats who have crossed state lines that are inside illinois, and, are blocking any action in the legislature and first said they were fighting against the right to work law which is dead and now are fighting against 11 other bills on the agenda. ques
obama said he would discover common ground. president obama is showing himself to be the most partisan president in my lifetime, hands down. >> he surprised me. i was anticipating that he would govern a lot like he campaigned, all about a new day in washington, a new kind of dynamic. essentially he said republicans, i won, we are in charge, and you are not invited. it was interesting to see that he did not have any meetings with the house leadership for months and months into his presidency. when he had a meeting on health care, and i remember very vividly when paul ryan, congressman from wisconsin, said mr. president, we have some ideas. he kind of basically dismissed him with "we want, you did that ." -- "we won, you didn't." i saw in him a very different kind of person as president than i had seen, democrat or republican, who when they took the oath of office, understood that there are elevated to a different position than they had been when they were just a candidate. >> so what change? >> i think a lot of it was that he really believed he was on a mission to get his agenda done. i
. >>> with most americans safely out of libya, new comments from president obama about libya abouts leader uammar. gun fire on a u.s. navy base reports navy guards have shot sailors. i'm harris hawker in. faulkner. we are live with fox reports tonight. >> what the libyan leader is doing now to his own people to clinch the power. his gun spreading the word. tonight, fox reports from inside libya with the latest developments. and at the border of a neighboring country dealing with an in flux of terrified people fleeing the violence. plus,. >> because of labor unions we had it. >> people filling the streets in cities across the u.s., showing solidarity with public workers, claiming unions are under attack by state budget cuts. tonight, we are live at the symbolic epicenter of the struggle. the state capitol in madison, wisconsin, where 12,000 public sector jobs hang in the balance. and shocking new video. showing a robbery in action. what the thugs took that brought this woman to risk her life to get it back. at this hour, president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton taking their hardest l
choice. i think mrs. obama being out there encouraging people in a positive way to eat well and to exercise and be healthy, i don't have a problem with that. >> what michelle obama is proposing is not that the government tells you can't eat dessert. michelle obama is proposed is we recognize that we have a serious obesity crisis which we do. >> that's today's sound of sunday. thank you for watching "state of the union." >>> this is gps the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. why it just may be the beginning, i'll give you my take. why it may be just the beginning. let me tell you who is on the program. first up, who benefits from democracy in the middle east, iran or the united states? and did the obama administration drop the ball on libya? our guest is paul wolfowitz, who has worked in senior posts for ronald reagan and bush one and the controversial deputy secretary of defense for george w. bush. in all of those positions an outspoken advocate for democracy around the world and especially the middle ea
chief of staff and current man, rahm emanuel as the black swan. which must make obama feel inadequate. maybe he can be the black and white swan, greg. >> very nice. >> i enjoyed that movie, did you like it? >> i wasn't able to see it. i couldn't look over the seat, don't you know? i hear it was a tore. >> good for you. >>> the unrest is libya is unresty. but one man isn't afraid to weigh in. yes, the glorious, glorious sting, spoken from peru. and he had this to say about libya. >> one of the most useful things about theyent have -- about the event is i think they have looked at our culture as the temple and what has come out of the conflict is just as complex as ours and stereo types have been counter productive, and so we need to treat the arab world in the same way we treat each other. what is happening in libya is about a man holding on to power who has no business holding on to power. i hope it stops soon. >> i wasn't even listening. i was looking and letting his words flow over me like warm, soapy milk. thank you for being sting. ahmadinejad who like sting has strong opinions an
. president obama for the first time calling for moammar gadhafi's ousting, and word of another major defection, the loyal nurse so often at gadhafi's side, has left. and look at these images in eastern libya where opposition forces have taken one of the presidential palaces, discovering among others things, books on sorcery. we will get to it all tonight, but we begin with christiane amanpour, now on the ground, leading our coverage from tripoli tonight. >> here we are in tripoli, the libyan capital at the heart of the stronghold of moammar gadhafi. what some say may be his last major hold-out. we arrived at the airport aboard one of the few commercial airlines coming from europe. what we saw at the airport was a scene of reality, a sea of humanity outside. looks like workers who have come here from all over this part of the world, from the middle east, from other parts of africa, and who have pitched up at the airport for the last several days with no tickets and very little money. they're there with blankets. they have what little food they can muster. they're sleeping. we saw peop
with the republicans, and by the time barak obama ran for president, they got more, but the price of that was a betrayal of the working class that traditionally the democratic party and liberal institutions had once protected. our great failure for those of us who care about ordinary, the rights of ordinary citizens is that in 1994 with the passage of nafta, we did not stand up for the working class and turn our back on the democratic party. we continued to support democratic politicians who spoke in the traditional language of liberalism, but betrayed every single core liberal value. welfare reform, we now face the prospect with this new midterm election of unemployment benefit s for tens of millions of citizens running out or being allowed to run up without being extended which will mean that many of these people will have to attempt to survive on the $143 a month you receive from welfare curtesy of the democratic party. the deregulation of the banking system, the deregulation of the fcc, i just spent the fall teaching at the university of toronto, and they don't have a banking
't reach an agreement on a continuing spending bill. president obama says if the fed freezes the economic recovery will come to a halt as well. the president is urging lawmakers to come together for the sake of americans and the economy. meanwhile, republican senator rob portman is defending the gop proposal for $4 billion in cuts saying the party's goal is to make sensible spending reductions to create more jobs. for more on the countdown to shut down check out our new special section on it is all about the impact it could have on this region. check on the banner of the right side of your home page. >>> synthetic marijuana and bath salts used to get high will soon be against the law in the state of virginia. outlying the chemically treated smoking leaves. and also the salts that users snort will become illegal. banning the chemicals found in so-called safe pot. >>> still ahead this saturday night. union supporters taking to the streets all over the country in a show of solidarity with protestors in the city of wisconsin. the latest on the budget battle. >>> libya is blasted wi
of gadhafi's regime for crimes against humanity. and for the first time today, president obama called for gadhafi to step down, saying he's lost all legitimacy there. the officials estimate more than 1,000 people in libya have been killed in the past two weeks. about 150 people attended a rally outside the white house today. the group says it's behind the protesters fighting in libya and bahrain. they still have family members overseas. >>> lots of protesters who packed dupont circle today. they showed up to rally for the union rights of wisconsin workers. it was one of dozens of demonstrations like it across the country today. so many in our area are worried that people here could soon lose their bargaining rights. >> reporter: they filled dupont circle, showing solidarity with those in wisconsin. a plan by the state's governor to bar organized labor among state work irs from negotiating any pay raises beyond inflation is union busting. the governor says it's about deficit busting. >> what we're doing right now is not about union busting at all. it's about balancing our budget. >> re
of the capital and his sons tell me he will never leave. the president of the united states, president obama, has called on your father to step down. what do you think of that? >> it's not a matter of business. second do you think it's a solution? of course now. >> reporter: that is one of his father's closest advisers. what is your sflan are you staying, going? what is your father's plan? >> listen, nobody is leaving this country. we live here. we die here. this is our country. the libyans are my people. and for myself, i believe i am doing what i best. >> reporter: are you a frad at all? >> afraid of what? the point that you are hearing rumors. everything is calm. everything is peaceful. there is a big, big gap between reality and the media reports. >> reporter: i'm going to ask you a question. you say there is a big, big gap between reality and media reports. some say there is a gap between what you are saying to me and the reality of libya. >> the south is calm. the west is calm. the middle is zboen part of the east. >> reporter: his younger brother a former professional soccer player, spends
más fotos la puede ver en univisión 14. com. no se las pierda. y para el presidente obama, hablando de otras cosas, el llamado del pueblo de libia es claro, gadafi se debe ir, y durante una conversación telefónica con la cancieller alemana dijo que cuando un líder conserva el poder por la violencia ha perdido el poder, y el hijo se reunió con lideres de tribus del este para evitar más enfrentamientos. y continúan las muestras de apoyo hacia los manifestantes, este día marcharon para protestar por esto. >>> buenas tardes, y a gran distancia del país árabe participaron de la protesta, cánticos y pancartas contra libia. >>> la movilización fue organizada por el centro de recursos árabe y las calles de san francisco mostraron solidaridad en contra del gobierno de gadafi. >>> soy de nueva york, mis padres son de libia. >>> unió su voz a la de los manifestantes. >>> estamos mostrando el apoyo para nuestros hermanos y hermanas en libia. queremos decir que los libios deben tener su autodeterminación. >>> la protesta tuvo lugar mientras miles de extranjeros continúan siendo evacu
billion in spending and cuts some programs president obama had already targeted. >> next week congress will focus on a short-term budget for the sake of our people and our economy we cannot allow gridlock to prevail. both democratic and republican leaders in the house and senate have said they believe it's important to keep the government running while we work together on a plan to reduce our long-term deficit. >> the biggest cuts are to earmarks. the house republican budget also cuts nearly half a billion from he education programs, 29 million for broadband access in remote areas, and 30 million for a proposed smithsonian building. >>> the national goose popular children's farm is also on the chopping block. >> parents are coming together staging an unusual protest to call attention to their cause. roz plate hear the story. -- roz plater has the story. >> sometimes they kick. >> reporter: saturday morning at the kids farm at the national zoo, learning about the animals is in full swing. but amidst the cows, goats, and don keys, there is also a protest. a pet-in, if you will, over the
on the people of libya by its leadership. >> president obama said gaddafi must go. one of his means of staying in power is using violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy of rule and needs to do what is right for his country by leaving now. >>in tripoli, a sea of humanity outside of the airport, workers tried to go home. tens of thousands are pour across the western border into tunisia. some of them tells stories about being robbed at highway checkpoints by little boys with guns. another major defection in gaddafi's inner circle, the loyal ukrainian nurse who was always by his side is heading home. libya's second-largest city is being run by the opposition. they have set up a command center and torched the supreme court building, putting at a daily newspaper, making videos for the outside world, and helping families find loved ones affected by gaddafi's regime. >> the justice department made an about face this week in one fight. it announced it will no longer defend the defense of marriage act, one of the big topics in politics this week. >> time to turn the tables, a big and
'll get rid of you? what is their father thinking right now? and how will he respond to president obama's call for him to leave right away? and what will it all mean for your security? your gas tank? your life? >>> and closer to home, states of emergency. a crisis that hits all of us. where have the jobs gone? we'll ask four cash-strapped governors. do they have a plan to save your house? your schools? your pensions? a special edition of "this week" live from libya starts right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. from the heart of gadhafi's strong hold, the libyan capital, tripoli. we're among a small group of journalists who have been invited in. as the gadhafi regime tries to put its stamp now on the unfolding story here. as we try to sort fact from fiction, sometimes fact is so much stranger. who could possibly invent the rants and ravings of leader like the colonel? the defecting air force pilots? the libyan diplomats bursting into tears at the united nations? as they take a stand against their leader of 41 years. the tough new sanctions and gadhaf
sanctions on the leader, his family, and close allies. president obama said the dictator should step down after two weeks the bloodshed on libyan streets. >> the draft resolution has been adopted. >> a unanimous vote on saturday night by the u.n. security council sent a strong message to muammar gaddafi. >> when atrocities are committed against in a sense, we must speak with one voice. today, it has. >> after a series of emergency meetings on saturday, all 60 members voted for stiff sanctions against gaddafi. the decisive move follows two weeks of violence. >> the international community will not tolerate violence of any sort. >> the council also agreed to refer the regime's deadly crackdown on protesters to a international court. the actions by the united nations, just hours after the white house issued a statement. president obama said, "when a leader's only means of staying in power is to use violence against his own people, he has lost the legitimacy to role and must leave now." after stern words from the u.s. and international community, the world waits to see out gaddafi response. >
, but will the dictator from the desert answer president obama's call to leave power? we'll bring you that next on "msnbc sunday." >>> also ahead, the power of the protests here in the states and why demonstrators in wisconsin are facing a deadline that's just hours away. >>> plus, charlie sheen's show and tell. now he wants to prove he's unleashed his radio rep jobs with a sound mind. >>> and it's a testament to winter weather. there's snow in san diego. can you believe that, san diego? hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts in today for alex witt, and welcome to "msnbc sunday." i appreciate your time. 9:00 here in the east, 6:00 out west. >>> we get straight to what's happening right now. fast-moving developments in libya this morning. antigovernment protesters say they're taking steps to form an alternative government. a member of the city council of benghazi says the libyan cities currently under the control of rebels have selected an ex-justice minister to lead a provisional government. also this morning, rebels say they now have control of the city closest to the capital of tripoli. nbc's stephanie gosk
in a few minutes. pamela? >> fenty, steve. >>> president obama warns that the federal government will suffer if they shut down next week unless congress can work out a budget compromise. republicans have proposed deep spending cuts. the stop got measure is being considered. the proposal would cut $4 billion of spending and keep the government running until mid march. >>> turning out to the oscar countdown, the red carpet has been ruled out, the performers have rehearsed, and soon it will be time for the stars to shine. cynne simpson and it arch campbell are live in hollywood. hi, guys, it must be fun. >> pamela, it has been amazing. we have only been here quite -- a couple days, but we are creating quite a splash. check it out, our logo in lights. and check this out, a star in our honor. >> that is not the permanent one. >> i am confident that it is coming. the red carpet and all of its presentation is weeks in the making, but the stars have been working on this for weeks. they say hollywood is the land of beautiful people. >> everything will be designer. everybody wants to look
and in states like wisconsin. mounting leadership tests for president obama, as the battle lines of the 2012 campaign come into sharper view. this morning, how will the standoff in wisconsin end? and is the fight there with the unions about ideology or shared sacrifice? >> not just about the budget, now and into the future, not just about jobs or workers, this is ultimately about the future of our state. >> my guests, a man at the center of the storm, embattled republican governor, scott walker. >>> also the future of the middle east remains in doubt as libya's brutal dictator cracks down on protesters. >> these actions violate international norms and every stander of common decency. this violence must stop. >> what's next? and has the administration done enough? joining me this morning from the site of such unrest earlier this month, cairo, egypt, the ranking member on the senate armed services committee. republican john mccain. >>> then our political roundtable, what rising oil costs could mean to our own economy. can washington avoid a government shutdown over spending? and the rhetorical
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